Z's Body Massage


Questions to Ask Yourself

- Are you a busy person?
- Is time equal to money?
- Do you have very little time to devote to yourself?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, then this service is for you.

This service provides in-room or in-home/outcall massage.  I will come to your hotel or home and will provide a massage with linens, oil, music etc.  You just come to be pampered and relax.  You don't have to fight traffic, find parking, or leave the comfort of your surroundings. And I can be in and out in a little over an hour.

In this world of stress and responsibilities, any small amount of time that we make for ourselves can better our health and provide a healthier way of life.

If you feel you deserve just one hour to recharge and be able to get back to the daily stresses of life then please call - 202-285-0882 and ask for Zelda!